Pi2D2 is getting a bit more action with a Firebase connected Python script that can be controlled using a NodeJS app running on a laptop. This is a step towards full Jedi power mind controlled robot this is going to be soon.

For now the setup looks really simple. The Firebase app is serving as the main data hub to provide connection between the Raspberry Pi in the robot's brain and the client that will provide the movement data.

The idea is that the client that provides the movement requests can be anything from a laptop, website, mobile phone app to an Emotiv Insight connected mobile EEG brainwave reader. We want to make Pi2D2 agnostic to what is telling it what to do.

Top level architecture

robot firebase hub architecture

Because I don't feel like sticking to one technology and like to keep my coding fresh, Pi2D2 is running a simple Python script whereas the laptop app is a NodeJS app. I wanted to learn some Python for quite a while now so hey, there's a good reason to brush up on some Parseltongue language. Don't get discouraged if reading the script outload sounds like Voldemort talking to Nagini.

Code will be available in the usual Pi2D2 repository at: https://github.com/piotrekkmt/pi2d2

And here's how it looks:

A quick word about the Emotiv Insight headset

The brainwave reader is on it's way from the United States of Silicon Valley Goodness, possibly taking a detour through Australia, where the Emotiv crowd comes from. Looking forward to playing with it and plugging it into the next arrow that feeds into the Firebase hub.

More tales soon! Keep an eye on Twitter #ChasedByPenguins for news about Pi2D2's adventures.


Pi2D2 has been presented at a Dublin Node.js Meetup, check him out here: