Make your own R2D2 robot and control it using Scratch over wifi.

1 - Body


~ Tear through a styrofoam TV box holder


~ Add in some details and connect the legs with the body


~ Smack a paint job on the body


2 - Set up Raspberry Pi with N00bs

Raspbian includes a special version of Scratch with a GPIO Server support designed for the Pi.
You can get more information at the official Raspberry Pi website:

3 - GPIO outputs controls using Scratch

Controls are still in their earliest stage for Pi2D2. Stage One is to get the motors running in the simplest way. For that I'm using Scratch that comes preinstalled in Raspbian with N00bs.

Get the simple Scratch script from my GitHub page here.

  1. VNC into your Pi's desktop graphical UI using your favorite VNC tool.

  2. Open the file in Scratch.

  3. IMPORTANT In the Edit menu press Start GPIO Server to get Scratch be able to control the Pi's Inputs and Outputs.
    GPIO Server

  4. Control the direction which the robot moves in with the keyboard arrow keys; press space to stop

Step 4 - Rule the world from your keyboard