Poke Trainer

The pocket monsters are back! And they're back in style! The new AR app is something Nintendo was teasing us a few years back, but at that time most of us didn't take it very seriously and just went along with our lives. Well, they're here now and they're very real this time!

So what's all this fuss about?

The true potential of Pokémon is in the brand. This is why an app built on the success of Ingress took over the world in just two days. AR is not a novelty yet people get surprised when they catch a Rattata in their living room. The strength of the brand and the amount of Pokémon is making grown men walk around the city and flick their fingers to catch imaginary animals, fight in arenas at the nearby train station and collect items. The game play is pretty simple. You walk. You walk and with a bit of luck you'll find something cool. I really like the reward system for walking 2, 5, 10km to hatch a Pokémon egg. It made long time hermits finally come out of their house and experience the real world again. They're still stuck with their faces glued to their phones but at least they get some exercise. Some walk for long miles without realizing the true benefits of those walks. I think all in all it's a great thing that Nintendo has done yet again! Can't wait to see what else do they have up their sleeve.